how to cook brown rice in microwave

how to cook brown rice in microwave
Prep. time:
20 min
3 dishes

Hey, kitchen pals! Today, we’re talking about the unsung hero of side dishes – brown rice. And the best part? We’re making it happen in the microwave. Yep, you heard me right – no pots, no pans, just a trusty microwave and a bowl full of fluffy goodness.


Microwaving brown rice is a total game-changer in the kitchen. It’s a shortcut to that nutty, chewy texture we love about brown rice, without the hassle of watching it on the stove. Let’s make the microwave our culinary ally!

Ingredients for ​​brown rice in microwave:

  • · 1 cup brown rice
  • · 2 cups water
  • · Pinch of salt (optional)

Instructions for brown rice in microwave:

  1. Rinse the Rice: Give your brown rice a quick rinse under cold water. This helps remove excess starch for fluffier grains.
  2. Combine in a Microwave-Safe Bowl: In a microwave-safe bowl, toss in the rinsed brown rice, water, and a pinch of salt if you're feeling it. The salt is optional, but it does add a little extra flavor.
  3. Cover it Up: Place a microwave-safe plate or microwave cover over the bowl. This keeps the steam in and helps the rice cook evenly.
  4. Microwave Magic: Zap it! Set your microwave to high and let it cook for 10-12 minutes. The exact time may vary based on your microwave, so keep an eye on it.
  5. Fluff and Let It Chill: Once the timer beeps, let the rice sit covered for another 5 minutes. This lets the grains absorb any remaining liquid and become perfectly fluffy.
  6. Fluff with a Fork: Grab a fork and gently fluff the rice. This helps separate the grains and gives you that delightful texture.
  7. Serve and Enjoy: Your microwave brown rice is ready to steal the spotlight! Serve it as a side dish, use it as a base for bowls, or enjoy it on its own.

Nutrition Advantages:

  • High in fiber, promoting digestive health
  • Rich in essential minerals like manganese and magnesium
  • Low in fat and cholesterol-free
  • A great source of complex carbohydrates for lasting energy

Dietary Alternatives:

  • Low-Sodium: Skip the salt for a lower sodium option.
  • Flavored Rice: Add a splash of vegetable or chicken broth for a flavor boost.

Tips for Microwave Mastery:

  • Experiment with different types of brown rice – short grain, long grain, or basmati.
  • For a nuttier flavor, toast the brown rice in a dry skillet before microwaving.
  • Customize with herbs or spices for a more flavorful rice.

And there you have it, microwave maestros – brown rice perfection in a bowl. Say goodbye to stove-watching and hello to an easier way to enjoy this nutritious staple!

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