Brisket (pieces of meat)

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Brisket is a term that refers to cut beef that is baked or fried on a hot plancha surface. The Brisket is a meaty veal cut, which provides a rich taste and a surprising texture. The process of the professional decoration of the Brisket and the wonderful flavors it provides create a unique dining experience.

In Brisket , the meat goes through a special smoking or pickling process during which the meat enters a hot oven for a specified time. In this process, the meat is tenderized and filled with deep flavors and soft texture. The refreshing and delicious flavors of the Brisket are varied and combine perfectly with the spices and the special textures of the meat.

In the brisket, the pieces of meat boast a thickness, a soft texture and an abundance of flavors. The meat is carefully selected to ensure its quality and freshness, so it is brought to the general public with a high level of quality. Brisket is prepared using special cooking techniques such as steam ovens or grills, which result in a perfect result in terms of flavors and textures.

What is the origin of Brisket ?
The origin of Brisket is linked to the technique of making Argentine meat during the celebrations in the Pampas.

In addition to its spectacular taste and wonderful texture, the bisket also symbolizes sociability and family. He invites to a family table or a social event, where people gather around the surface of the plancha and thus enjoy a family-friend evening.

In the Brisket category on the Gimme Recipe website you will find information and recipes related to the world of Brexit.
The Argentinian origin of the Brisket slices adds to this a unique history that expresses the traditional grilling technique that is done in Argentine families.

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